Ballistic Therapy is a luxury & cosmetic concept. Manly, powerful, attractive, controversial, confrontational, provocative and pro-active. It is the brainchild of Jan Mihm, a Berlin based, Offenbach raised and New York braised entrepreneur. Jan is a father, a lover, a dreamer, a maker, a brother, a son, a fighter and a feminist. Thru his brand Ballistic Therapy, he fills all this manhood into bottles. The liquid recipe of alpha.

Fundamentally, Ballistic Therapy aims to challenge traditional gender definitions and limitations with its basic question now what kinda man are you?


Ballistic Therapy – Shooting at things to relieve stress. This mostly includes handguns, shotguns (scatter guns), and rifles. The bigger the bang or the boom, the more the stress will be relieved. Targets may include clay pigeons, steel plates, propane tanks, glass bottles, beer cans, real pigeons, television sets, computers, zombies, day walkers, night walkers, old cars sitting out in the middle of nowhere that still have the glass windows intact, any household items or anything that has ceased to work and is pissing you off. Another form of office spacing.”

Ballistic Therapy, as just about any project, would not be without the generous help, creative contributions and constructive criticism of many. I want to say “thank you very much” to: (in no particular order)

Ali Çindoruk
Gabriel Eid
Steven Matthews
Horst Maus
Dennis Werner
Katja Deutschmann
Fatima „FC Forza“ Deutscheskind
Jannike Stelling
Ingo Höntschke
Peter Martin
Rikki Kasso
Timm Hogerzeil
Anna Barsch
Marlon Mihm
Thies Wulf
Mounir Khalifa
Thorsten Biehl
Sven Eric Moos
Geza Schön
Barbara Bohnekamp
Manuel Osterholt
Kristian Triebel
Thomas Schubert
Ingo Schultze
Walter Bauer
Udo Bockemühl
Feyzullah Yeşilkaya
Kane-can Tekin
Itamar Zechoval
Olaf Höntschke
Dr. Joerg Knäblein
Dominique Rusake
David Haspeler
Dr. Sung Min Pyo
Prof. Rainer Müller
Jan Friese
Rüdiger Lange
Jesus Pastor-Sanz
Felix Koch
Philipp Huebl
Florian Bolk
Marcus Gaab
Christiane Bördner
Frenel Morris
Helen Brown
Joseph Quartana
Dr. Marcus Berg
Charlie Mihm
Kai Mihm
Surya McGarry
Patrick McGarry
Petar Ribar
Philipp Haffmans
…and you too? You all know what you did, probably. If I forgot you, please excuse and alert me! (same goes for those who are listed here and rather not be: tell me and I shall delete)