“9mm” Eau de Parfum, 100ml


unisex scent, eau de parfum vaporisateur natural spray, 100ml/3.3 fl oz

scent family: dysfunctional misfit

top: gun powder, bergamot, cardamon, nutmeg
heart: black jasmine, red pepper, black orchid
base: leather, iso-e-super, vetiver, guaiac, moss, musk

“9mm does not fit into any known category. Duftfamilie Al Capone!“ Parfumer Geza Schön

Ballistic Therapy – Shooting at things to relieve stress. This mostly includes handguns, shotguns (scatter guns), and rifles. The bigger the bang or the boom, the more the stress will be relieved. Targets may include clay pigeons, steel plates, propane tanks, glass bottles, beer cans, real pigeons, television sets, computers, zombies, day walkers, night walkers, old cars sitting out in the middle of nowhere that still have the glass windows intact, any household items or anything that has ceased to work and is pissing you off. Another form of office spacing.”

Men’s Health: EXPLOSIV

Men's Health Germany assembled the 15 best (new?) scents for Fall in their November issue and among them our Ballistic Therapy "9mm". Three full pages with a well curated pristine selection from main [...]

Dandy Diary: “The most manly perfume ever!”

"Mihm setzt seinen Gehörschutz auf, lädt seine Glock 9 mm und ballert los, ein Schuss, zwei, drei, vier – Höllenlärm, ich zucke zusammen, leere Patronenhülsen fliegen umher..." [...]